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Change is constant.

Over the years, we have seen many major events that took place, some of which have affected the way we do business. We saw disruptive technologies from the digital environment that brought down corporate giants in a matter of months. We saw major economic power uprising in China, shifting the demographics of manufacturing to the east. We saw an exponential population growth in the world and many megacities emerged. Finally, we saw the climate change which brought potential threat to the human existence.
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If there is one thing that the past events have taught us, it is to embrace change to create a sustainable organization. Hexatech Energy International embraces exactly this few megatrends in the world to shape its mission and vision. We want to continue to be focus in the energy sector, positioning in electrification infrastructure, building & facilities and renewable energy to achieve growth and sustainability in the company.

To deliver growth and sustainability, we cannot use the same mindset to model our business in today’s global environment. The organization culture needs to be proactive in engaging better technology, methodology and new work force demographics. With today highly competitive world, we also believe in strategic partnerships that can complement on each other’s core competencies to provide to the customer’s needs. The ultimate goal – to deliver the right solution, the right cost at the right time with the best possible service.

Mr Dennis Yong,
Group Executive Chairman